outdoor & indoor sports surfaces in Bangalore

Outdoor & Indoor Sports surfaces in Bangalore; along with the other variant SPORTS AND FITNESS products HARA FITNESS INTERNATIONAL has Specialized themselves with the exclusive professional team for handling the following sports flooring turnkey projects with the committed time frame, International quality and competitive prices.



Sports Flooring in Hosur Road

Technical information:

We have gained expertise in delivering a quality range of Squash Courts Wooden Floorings. Our range can be availed by clients in both two as well as four panel back wall systems. The high-grade timber used for flooring. Easy installation Solid wood employed In sync with global quality standards and is WSF Approved.

We also install & supply World Squash Federation approved and indigenously developed squash court. More features of products supplied by us are as follows: Squash Court Glass Back Wall Hard plaster treatment for walls Wooden floor Ceiling & sound boards. Squash Court Maple Wood Flooring.

Technical Information of Squash Court :

  • Air Cushion Wooden Sports Flooring :
  • Surface Board: Made of Kiln Seasoned (moisture contain of approximately 14% at the time time of dispatch), Treated Maple Wood finished with 21 mm thick, 57 to 83 mm wide and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock groove and the bottom side with air pass groove and treated with special anti-termite and water resistant lacquer.
  • Maple wood is the hardest of hard woods and is the recommended wood for squash court. All major tournaments are played on Maple Wood Floor only
  • The Under Frame : Made of commercial quality pine wood runners of 70 mm x 45 mm, treated with anti-termite solution and fixed on the bottom side with 19 mm thick air cushioned pads, stappled through the two wings at 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Hard Plaster System meeting specifications for Squash Court which makes it a total thickness of 12 – 13 mm. Due to extremely hard nature of plaster a slight uneven color distribution may be seen once the plaster has dried, this doesn’t affect the strength or integrity of the plaster and must not be considered as a defect.
  • Area : Wall plaster playing area is only below red lines totaling to approximate 1065 SqFt laid down by “REBOUND wsf Approved”The system consists of a 10 mm base coat with silica sand top coat of 2-3 mm.
  • Installation : IPS subfloor treated with a vapour barrier to be placed on the leveled IPS sub-floor before laying the under frame. The runners having air cushion pads to be placed on the vapour barrier in perfect level at 350 mm in 1 direction. The surface board to be screwed to the runner through the tongue only and will lock the screwed tongue by the groove of adjoining board. Ends of the boards will be locked by inserting the wooden fingers through the edge grooves and fixed with suitable adhesive. An expansion of 8 to 10 mm to be left open between the wooden flooring and the surrounding tiled area / walls
  • Finishing : After laying the flooring, the floor boards will be leveled to a uniform surface and applied a thin coat of water based polish on the the surface.

Artificial Turf for Sports Field:

  • artificial turf The product are specifically developed for top-class performances and meet the most stringent and highest standards required for the sport. It will provide optimum playing comfort and maximum safety for players. In addition, maintenance cost are low and artificial turf offers a high durability. Club official & associations have the assurance that the field is tested and approved. Hi offers a wide range of turf types with varying thickness & densities depending on the application.
  • We offer a range of synthetic turf for various sports application ,Cricket,Soccer,Rubby,Hockey,Golf, Tennis & multisport areas.
  • Besides the specific turf for the main playing areas. Hi also offers a range of turf for the periphery areas.These can be “non-infill”, or infill thus saving on costs of installation.


We are engaged in offering various kinds of EPDM Floorings to our clients spread across the national as well as global market. Assuring proper cushioning and hardness, these floorings are made using synthetic rubbers. These soft and cushioned floorings are used as porous safety matting for the kids’ play areas in the schools, malls and other areas. To suit the exact requirements of the clients, we offer these floorings in various sizes, shapes and colors

Outdoor & Indoor Sports Surfaces in Wilson garden
Outdoor & Indoor Sports Surfaces in Wilson garden
Outdoor & Indoor Sports Surfaces in Wilson garden
Outdoor & Indoor Sports Surfaces in Wilson garden
Outdoor & Indoor Sports Surfaces in Wilson garden